Man Hides

And Man Hides
According to A Simple Layman

In the garden after man saw good and evil for the first time, he hid from God.

He has been hiding from God ever since, in the garden it was a bush, now it takes different forms.

For a time, and sometimes an entire lifetime, man will hide in his sin. In fact, for a time, man will actually enjoy his sin. It will indeed seem pleasant to him . Some poor souls never climb out of this place their entire lifetime. Even, though the sin probably no longer tastes so sweet.

It does provide a hiding place from God. Such sin may consist of drugs, alcohol, illicit sex and the like. It is not difficult to surround yourself with many likeminded people, who also enjoy the same brand of sin. It provides a hiding place from God, or so you think.

Men can also seek refuge from God by pursuing another form of sin ........... ‘success’ in their lives, at least as they define success. They may have a good education, job, spouse and children, fine home, automobiles and any number of ‘toys’. They may surround themselves with like-minded people and pat each other on the back for the high level of ‘success’ they appear to have achieved.

They are hiding themselves from God, just as surely as the one caught in the mire of 'less acceptable' sin. In fact, they too are caught , but their brand of sin has a more deceiving countenance.

Through Grace and Grace alone, men might come to know the God who created them, their idea of success may at this point change, it still may not. However, in their pursuit to know more ‘about’ God they can soon find themselves hiding again from Him. Where? There are many hiding places in those manmade institutions wrongly called the church. There, behind traditions, theology, dogma and doctrines they can find a multitude of places to hide.

All the time, you can here the echo of God, calling to Adam ….

And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou? Gen 3:9