Simply Jesus Christ The All in All

Why 'Simply'?
...... It is not to minimize our LORD but rather to make the point that Christianity, in fact all of humanity can be summed up, in this one simple phrase.

A Quote Worth Remembering

"Christianity began in Palestine as a fellowship; moved to Greece and became a philosophy; moved to Italy and became an institution; moved to Europe and became a culture; came to America and became an enterprise."
- Sam Pascoe

A Praise Offering

LORD Jesus I lift you up and praise your Holy Name
For Your Name is given above all names
Yet, You are the Lamb, the Prince of Peace

You are Apha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
The First and the Last

And you are the Root and the Offsrping of David
And the Bright and Morning Star

And You are the LORD of Lords and the KING of Kings
And You are the Master of my life

I would come into your Presence with thanksgiving in my heart
And I would bow before Your throne

For You are my LORD and I love you
I love You with all of my heart
with all of my mind
with all of my soul
and with all of my strength

And I will bring You praises and honor and Glory

For You are my LORD

And I love You

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Beyond Revival
On To Perfection

A challenge to Christian leaders and believers as to the true purpose of being a follower of Jesus. It is so much more than what we have made of it and for what our precious Saviour paid such a high price.

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